Tert-Butyl Chloroacetate CAS No.:107-59-5

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      TP. HÀ TỈNH
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      Mới 100%
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      Tert-Butyl Chloroacetate CAS No.:107-59-5
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      Tert-Butyl Chloroacetate CAS No.:107-59-5 Xem Bản Đồ
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    ■ Our History
    ENERGYCO LTD. has committed to develop and supply of advanced fine chemicals, professional technology and reliability to meet customer's criteria. Whatever hazardous chemicals or ordinary chemicals, we are all careful to operate from production to delivery step by step.
    ■ Our Factory
    Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd
    ■ Our Product
    Our advantage products cover Organic silane agents, Bromide compounds, specialties and synthetic intermediates etc.
    ■ Product Application
    Pharmaceutical, coating, painting surface additives, food additives, pesticide, architecture.
    ■ Our Certificate
    ISO9001 & ISO 14001
    ■ Production Equipment
    Reaction kettle, centrifuge, fluid transportation machinery etc.
    ■ Production Market
    2 million US dollars sold last year.
    ■ Our Service
    Free samples with air cargo freightTert-Butyl Chloroacetate CAS No.:107-59-5

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