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    Mould typeSmall household appliance precision injection mold
    Service life100 million
    Mold size(mm)500*600
    Number of Cavities1*1
    Runner TypeHot runner
    Tool Steel8407
    Mold Base TypeP20
    Surface finishGlossy
    Part MaterialABS+PC
    Applied rangehome appliances

    Product Details
    High-speed milling with small diameter milling cutter (Typical tools are solid carbide ball end mills, end mills and corrugated cutters), high speed (Spindle speeds up to 40,000 rpm) 、 The small cycle feed rate greatly improves the production efficiency and the accuracy can reach 5m stably; At the same time, due to the low milling force, the work piece has less thermal deformation, less milling depth, and faster feed (Linear motor, fast-moving speed of up to 80m/min, acceleration up to 2g) Surface finish up to Ra 0.15m. High-speed milling can process 60HRC hardened die steel parts, Therefore, the high-speed milling process allows the cutting process to be performed after the heat treatment, which greatly simplifies the mold manufacturing process.

    Holding time and molding cycle: In the case of satisfying the filling of the product without generating depressions or bubbles; Should be as short as possible to minimize the residence time of the melt in the barrel

    The injection temperature should be higher than the plastic resin without decomposition.
    Other problems in the open mold injection molding process, in order to prevent the deterioration of the surface quality, Generally use less mold release agent for injection molding , when using recycled materials no more than 20%. For products other than pet, the product should be post-treated to eliminate internal stress, and pmma should be dried in 70-80t hot air for 4 hours; Pc should be heated 110-135 ° C in clean air, glycerin, liquid paraffin, etc., depending on the product, the maximum time is more than 10 hours. And pet must undergo a biaxial stretching process in order to obtain good mechanical properties.

    Civil Product Precision Injection Molds price

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