Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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      Tert-Butyl Chloroacetate CAS No.:107-59-5
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      Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve Xem Bản Đồ
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    ◆Our History
    ENERGYCO LTD. (group) is an ISO9001:2015 and ISO14000:2015 private enterprise with a long-term service strategy. The company has the crossing-nations business, manufacturing partnership and customized contracts for petroleum & gas industry all over the world. It is authorized officially as a professional supplier, importer/exporter at Nanjing, China.
    ◆Our Factory
    Our manufacture partners own the most advance facilities and production technology on the field of oil & gas industry. We can not only supply products for API, ASTM & ASEM standard but also customized fabrication according to customer’s requirements. Your field visit and the 3rd party inspection are welcome.
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    The heating exchanger, fin fan air cooler, all kind of valves, explosion proof motors and generator sets, all kinds of CS and HSS pipes and pipe fittings, Oil and Gas Solid control equipments, cables and binding machines are regular products of ours.
    ◆Product Application
    Oil and gas fields related industries.
    ◆Our Certificate
    ISO9001 & ISO 14001
    ◆Production Equipment
    Forging equipment, heat-treating facility, metal structures and equipment, cold working equipment and physical and chemical analysis and testing equipment etc.
    ◆Production Market
    Our sales range covers Europe, Middle East, Africa, The United States, South America, South East of Asia etc. Our customers were all satisfied with our products and service.
    ◆Our service
    Welcome to inquiry about our products, we will give you professional pre-sale introduction and considerate after-sales service.Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

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