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      Tert-Butyl Chloroacetate CAS No.:107-59-5
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    ELS series shredder is single shaft shredder with a tangential in-feed to eliminate the need for a hydraulic feeding system. The space saving and maneuverable design combined with the plug and play controls make this machine very flexible and ready to go in no time. Comparing with EMS series, it is equipped with outboard bearing, 250 mm diameter flat E rotors with 600 or 800 mm width driven by an oversized geared motor. Utilizing the proven ENMA knife holder and knife design. The user friendly design makes cleaning and maintenance work a breeze. The low speed of 60 rpm combined with the compact design of ELS shredder makes it possible to shred lumps at a relatively low noise level. The machines can be fed manually or by conveyor, material discharge can be done via conveyor or into a drop box.
    Affordable solution for small lumps, economic and practical
    Simple upgrade for existing granulation system
    Easy to move and place
    Tangential in-feed avoids the need for a hydraulic pusher
    Small footprint
    Low power consumption
    V type knife design
    Adjustable hydraulic system
    Adjustable hydraulic system
    Adjustable hydraulic system
    ELS shredder has been designed for in house recycling of small lumps and purges from injection and blow molding processes. The typical input materials are small and medium sized parts such as lumps. The material can be shred to reduce the volume or processed further in a granulator to be reintroduced into the production process immediately. The machine also can be used to destroy sensitive products or to recycle small batches of low volume products to avoid contamination of the main product line.
    - V type knife design
    - Direct connection driving
    - Adjustable hydraulic system
    - Small sized lumps solution
    - Screw outputting device is available
    - Even and ordered outputtingSingle Shaft Shredder suppliers

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