Sale 4 Color Plastic Cup Printing Machine manufacturers

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    Sumacro Machinery Co., Ltd
    Our History:
    1st factory established in 2002, 2nd factory established in 2010.
    Our Factory:
    Sumacro Machinery integrates design, development, production and sales, and is committed to providing customers with solution for the production & packaging of disposable plastic products, and providing complete set s of mechanical equipment. The high quality products and professional services make us to grow into one of the most competitive automatic production equipment supplies in the industry.
    We have the following advantages:
    1.Nearly 20 years of experience.
    2.A lot types of productions and models.
    3.A professional R&D team.
    4.A strict quality-control system.
    5.Customized machines according to the special need.
    6.After-sales maintenance to assistant the customer.
    Our Product:
    PP/PS sheet extruder machine, plastic containers thermoforming machine, curved surface plastic cup printing machine, packing machine and other auxiliary machines.
    Our Certificate:
    CQC, CE, ISO9001.
    Production Market:
    Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Africa and Eastern Europe.
    Our Service:
    Pre-sale, we recommend or specially design the appropriate model according to the actual needs of the customer, and sign the sales contract etc.
    In-sales: we supply the details layout, installation instruction, technician support for the clients.
    After sales: we can arrange engineer to install the machinery and training the workers for client. We always update the new technology to every customer. We provide one-year warranty guarantee for all the machines. We supply long term spare parts for every customer.
    Sale 4 Color Plastic Cup Printing Machine manufacturers

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