Du Lịch Mekong Delta Tour 2 Days

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    Mekong Delta Tours 2 days. Get a fascinating insight into the lifestyle and culture of Vietnam's waterways on a 2-day tour of the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City. Our Mekong Delta 2 days tour take you to discover deeper into the palm jungle of the Mekong to see more of the traditional rural life of this fascinating area. Visit local farms and houses to learn how people live along the river. The Mekong Delta provinces locate on the river, so these have the benefits of nature. when coming with Breath of The Mekong Tours for Mekong Delta Tour 2 days. You will have the opportunity to interact and admire things you have never seen or experienced before. You will have a peaceful time in the countryside, enjoying the specialties of the Mekong. Moreover, you will be sitting on the sampan boat to visit the corners of the river, admire the coconut ranges or green rice fields.

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