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    Tangyin Xinxing Plastics Engineering Co.,Ltd is founded in 2002. We have more than 10 years in producing polythene products. We are manufacturer with ISO9001.
    In China, our factory has business with Capital Iron and Steel Company, Power Plant, Coal Group. In past years, our production has been sold to America, Australia, South Africa, English and other countries.
    We are looking for new partners to supply our good performance goods. If you choose us, we will do our best to make win-win cooperation.
    We warmly welcome you to our factory !
    We have 4 group product:
    1. Colorful PE Sheet
    2. Artificial Ice Rink
    3. Ground Protection Mat
    4. Crane Outrigger Pad
    5. Profiled Parts
    Colorful PE Sheet
    HDPE/UHMWPE is the popular material on the market. It is so lightweight, durable and versatile that will save your money. Even in the extreme northern Canada climate, it has a good performance. As it doesn't like wood warp, crack or splinter, it is safe and no toxic.
    The sheet is widely used in automotive racking, marine building, garden, general commercial manufacturing, food industry, transportation and other industry.
    Chinese Customized Colorful UHMWPE Board
    Artificial Ice Rink
    Synthetic ice Rink can be instead of real ice for your backyard ice rink or even the largest commercial indoor ice rink. You can also install a synthetic rink in your basement for use in the summer.
    Our synthetic rink is made of 100% ultra-density polyethylene which will not warp, crack, splinter or corrode.
    As synthetically ice is usually very lightweight and has low friction, strong wear-resistant property, please don't worry you can use your regular ice skates that have metal blades on the synthetic surface.
    Chinese UHMWPE Roller Skating Flooring Board
    Ground Protection Mat
    Ground stabilization is crucial to heavy equipment. If the ground is soft or slippery, the heavy equipment may become unstable and even tip over.
    Ground Protection Mat can provide a level, solid and steady base for heavy equipment operation. The mat is also used to move large vehicles over lawns, sidewalks, driveways without causing damage.
    It can also be used in construction industry, landscaping, utility, cemetery, movie protection, golf course, recreational event, tree service or others.
    Portable HDPE Track Way Access Road Mat
    Crane Outrigger Pad
    Crane Outrigger pad is light-weight and long-lasting plates that offer stable support when operating cranes, aerial work platform and other mobile facilities. Our outrigger pads made from UHMWPE offer protection against water and corrosion with huge advancement over the traditional wooden and steel.
    We choose UHMW-PE crane pads because they’re as strong as steel pads but weight around 50% less, which will save your huge carriage fee.
    Crane leg support block
    Profile Parts
    In the same size, the UHMWPE material weight is one-third of steel, but the hardness is nine times.
    As good self-lubricating, wear resistance and recycled properties, it will make economical choice to replace other materials. The UHMWPE parts is becoming more and more popular in modern time.
    Durable Irregular UHMWPE Machinery Parts Chinese Manufacturer white profiled part

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