China M3000 Cover Series factory

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    Shaanxi Sida Heavy Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. is located in the historic city of Xi'an, China. The transportation is very convenient, the information is very well developed, the environment is beautiful, and the people are outstanding, which lays a solid foundation for the company's development.
    In recent years, SiDa has been focusing on heavy-duty auto parts, led by famous products, backed by Shaanxi Auto and Heavy Duty Truck, and enjoys high popularity among its peers.
    Steyr accessories, Steyr accessories, Aolong S2000 accessories, Delong F2000 accessories, F3000, M3000, X3000 accessories, Yellow River fittings, and Yanan SX250 for Shaanxi People’s Liberation Army SX2150, SX2150K, SX2190, SX2300, SX2153, SX2100 series military vehicle accessories are our company's leading products, and the variety, quality and cheap, strong market competitiveness, repair parts distribution network throughout the country, to achieve integration of configuration and maintenance. The country's external shipments, export trade concurrently, long-term supply of civilian vehicles, military vehicles, integrity and reliability, can be assured and convenient after use. At the same time, the company also directs Shaanxi Automobile SX6130, Hangfa X6130, X6120, Shangchai 135, Xikang Engine, Weichai WD615 and other engine parts and complete machine.
    The company will rely on the historical city, to abide by the integrity, service, mutual benefit and win-win, let the user satisfaction, the pursuit of better for the purpose, hand in hand, tireless, with full enthusiasm and advance with the times, the future, with quality service, Eternal quality continues to open up the market and keep moving forward for a better tomorrow.China M3000 Cover Series factory

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