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    TEFLON/ETFE /NYLON steel measuring tape for test water or oil lever
    Quick Details
    Place of Origin: Yangzhou, China (Mainland)
    Brand Name: Rongxing
    Model Number: rx2016004
    Conductor Material: tinned cpperSteel
    ruler Cable width:12.5±0.1mm
    Number of Conductors: 2
    Ruler width:10.0mm±0.1mm
    The highest point of the cable thickness:0.8-1.0mm
    Sheath material: TPFE/ETFE/High Grand Nylon /LLDPE/PVC
    Copper conductor(Tinned)of the both sides:7*0.10
    Two pieces each side:2*30AWG
    one side in meters, the another in feet ( DUAL SIDED)
    Circle:0-30m, 0-50m.0-100m
    price :USD$ 0.8-3.0/m
    Ruler cable, widely used in oil/water conservancy survey, the dam project, watermark detection,oil level measuring.
    Steel Ruler cable, providing us a accurate method of measuring the water level, typically used for measuring wells, drilling and water level tube water level, and also suitable for hydropower projects groundwater level observation and on dam manual inspection.
    High accuracy , Fast stability of readings, Light weight, water-resistant.
    Ruler cable specification:
    • Tinned copper wire conductor to keep the stable electrical properties
    • High carbon stainless yellow colored tape with black scales was easy to read
    •Scales in meters or in feet is acceptable, by mm or by 0.01ft
    •Special appearance design make the cable hanging straight in the well
    •Ruler tape cable resists stretching under loads of 45 kg (100 lbs)
    •Standard tapes are printed beneath the jacketing and the print never wears off
    •Tape jacket was coating with PTFE/ETFE/PE/PU which make it oil and wear resistant
    •Ruler tape cable length :0-15m,0-30m,0-40m,0-50m,0-100m
    1.Please tell us the model and quantity and other request you need.
    2.We make the PI for you.
    3.After you confirm the PI, we arrange the order for you after receiving your payment.
    4.We send the goods out to you and tell you the tracking number.
    5.We will track your goods until you receive the goods.
    6. Contact No.: (+86) 185051426000 yuki
    7.WhatsApp: (+86)18505142600
    Find acid and alkali resistant etfe / tefzel measuring tape; for test oil or water lever resistant to hydrochloric acid ptfe/teflon ruler cable from Rongxing Electric now, which is one of professional and leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China. It comes in high quality, low price and high stability. Please rest assured to wholesale quality products made in China from our factory and customized orders are also welcomed.China ETFE And PTFE Tapes manufacturers

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