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    ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate
    Main Application:
    ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate are used in Pressure Vessel,Boiler,Storage Tanks and Heat Exchanger in Oil,Gas Project.
    Steel Name: ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Boiler steel plate,ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Pressure Vessel Steel plate, ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Storage Tanks Steel plate. ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Heat Exchanger Steel Plate .
    Chemical Composition and Mechanical Property:
    Grade Chemical Composition(%)
    C Mn≥ Si P S
    A387 Grade12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) 0.04-0.17 0.35-0.73 0.13-0.45 0.035 0.035
    Grade Mechanical Property
    Tensile Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) % Elongation in 2 in.(50mm) min Impacting Test Temperature(°C)
    A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) 380-550 230 22 -20,40,-60
    Additional Condition :
    UT (Ultrasonic examination),AR(As Hot Rolled only),TMCP(Thermal Mechanical Control Processing),N(Normalized),Q+T(Quenched and Tempered),Z Direction Test(Z15,Z25,Z35) ,Charpy V-Notch Impact Test,HIC test, NDT ,PWHT( Simulated Post Weld Heat Treatment),NACE0175,The Third Party Test (Such as SGS Test),
    Coated or Shot Blasting and Painting.
    Other Terms:
    A)Packaging Details: Standard export seaworthy packing or as required.
    B)Delivery Time:30-50 days, 7 days for stock goods.
    C)Loading Port:Shanghai ,Tianjin, Qingdao.
    D)Offer Ability:5000MT/Per Month.
    E)MOQ:1 Pcs.
    Contact Us:
    Any request for ASTM A387 Grade 12 Class1(A387GR12CL1) Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate, Please and Tel:0086-371-65862332
    Related Products.
    China Grade Q345R Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate
    ASME SA516 Grade 70(SA516GR70) Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate
    EN10028-3 P355GH Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate
    ASME A387 Grade 12 Class1(SA387GR12CL1) Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate
    Pressure Vessel and Boiler steel plate
    Main Application:
    Pressure Vessel And Boiler Steel Plate is Widely Used In The Fabrication Of Boilers And Pressure Vessel,Such As Petroleum, Chemical,Gas Industry And Power Plants.
    Steel Name: Pressure Vessel Steel plate,Boiler Steel plate,Storage Tanks Steel plate,
    Heat Exchanger Steel Plate
    Steel Standard: EN 10028-2,EN10028-3,EN10028-5,EN10028-6,DIN 17155,ASME,ASTM,JIS3115,JIS3103,GB713,GB3531
    Rolling Size: Thickness*Width*Length 5-200mm*1220-4200mm*5000-18000mm
    Additional Condition:
    UT (Ultrasonic examination),
    AR(As Hot Rolled only),
    TMCP(Thermal Mechanical Control Processing),
    Q+T(Quenched and Tempered),
    Z Direction Test(Z15,Z25,Z35) ,
    Charpy V-Notch Impact Test,
    HIC test,
    NDT ,
    PWHT( Simulated Post Weld Heat Treatment)
    The Third Party Test (Such as SGS Test),
    Coated or Shot Blasting and Painting.
    Main Steel Grade: SA516GR70, SA537GRL1, SA537GRL2, SA537GRL3.SA387CR11GL2, SA387GR22CL2,P355GH,16Mo3,15Mo3,A204 Grade A,A285GradeC,SA299 Grade A,SA299GRB,SPV355,Q345R.
    More Details, Kindly Check The Table As Follows.
    Standard Steel Grade (Click Grade for More Details)
    ASTM A202/A202M A202 Grade A A202 Grade B
    ASTM A203/A203M A203 Grade A A203 Grade B A203 Grade D A203 Grade E
    A203 Grade F
    ASTM A204/A204M A204 Grade A A204 Grade B A204 Grade C
    ASTM A285/A285M A285 Grade A A285 Grade B A285 Grade C
    ASTM A299/A299M A299 Grade A A299 Grade B
    ASTM A302/A302M A302 Grade A A302 Grade B A302 Grade C A302 Grade D
    ASTM A387/A387M A387 Grade 11 Class 1 A387 Grade 11 Class 2 A387 Grade 12 Class 1 A387 Grade 12 Class 2
    A387 Grade 22 Class 1 A387 Grade 22 Class 2 A387 Grade 5 Class 1 A387 Grade 5 Class 2
    ASTM A515/A515M A515 Grade 60 A515 Grade 65 A515 Grade 70
    ASTM A516/A516M A516 Grade 55 A516 Grade 60 A516 Grade 65 A516 Grade 70
    ASTM A517/A517M A517 Grade A A517 Grade B A517 Grade E A517 Grade F
    A517 Grade H A517 Grade S A517 Grade P A517 Grade Q
    ASTM A533/A533M A533 Grade A A533 Grade B A533 Grade C A533 Grade D
    ASTM A537A537M A537 Class 1 A537 Class 2 A537 Class 3
    ASTM A662/A662M A662 Grade A A662 Grade B A662 Grade C
    ASME SA202/SA202M SA202 Grade B SA202 Grade B
    ASME SA203/SA203M SA203 Grade A SA203 Grade B SA203 Grade D SA203 Grade E
    SA203 Grade F
    ASME SA204/SA204M SA204 Grade A SA204 Grade B SA204 Grade C
    ASME SA285/SA285M SA285 Grade A SA285 Grade B SA285 Grade C
    ASME SA299/SA299M SA299 Grade A SA299 Grade B
    ASME SA302/SA302M SA302 Grade A SA302 Grade B SA302 Grade C
    ASME SA387/SA387M SA387 Grade 11 Class 1 SA387 Grade 11 Class 2 SA387 Grade 12 Class 1 SA387 Grade 12 Class 2
    SA387 Grade 22 Class 1 SA387 Grade 22 Class 2 SA387 Grade 5 Class 1 SA387 Grade 5 Class 2
    ASME SA515/SA515M SA515 Grade 60 SA515 Grade 65 SA515 Grade 70
    ASME SA516/SA516M SA516 Grade 55 SA516 Grade 60 SA516 Grade 65 SA56 Grade 70
    ASME SA517/SA517M SA517 Grade A SA517 Grade B SA517 Grade E SA517 Grade F
    SA517 Grade H SA517 Grade S SA517 Grade P SA517 Grade Q
    ASME SA533/SA533M A533 Grade A A533 Grade B A533 Grade C A533 Grade D
    ASME SA537/SA537M SA537 Class 1 S537 Class 2 SA537 Class 3
    ASME SA662/SA662M SA662 Grade A SA662Grade B SA662 Grade C
    EN10028-2 P235GH P265GH P295GH P355GH
    EN10028-3 P275NH P275NL1 P275NL2
    P355N P355NH P355NL1 P355NL2
    P460NH P460NL1 P460NL2
    EN10028-5 P355M P355ML1 P355ML2
    P420M P420ML1 P420ML2
    P460M P460ML1 P460ML2
    EN10028-6 P355Q P355QH P355QL1 P355QL2
    P460Q P460QH P460QL1 P460QL2
    P500Q P500QH P500QL1 P500QL2
    P690Q P690QH P690QL1 P690QL2
    JIS G3115 SPV235 SPV315 SPV355 SPV410
    SPV450 SPV490
    JIS G3103 SB410 SB450 SB480 SB450M
    GB713 Q245R Q345R Q370R 18MnMoNbR
    13MnNiMoR 15CrMoR 14Cr1MoR 12Cr2Mo1R
    GB3531 16MnDR 15MnNiDR 09MnNiDR
    DIN 17155 HI HII 17Mn4 19Mn6
    15Mo3 13CrMo44 10CrMo910
    With nearly 20 years' experience, Henan HZZ is now known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of astm a387 grade 12 class 1(a387gr12cl1) pressure vessel and boiler steel plate with ut and hic. All of our products are strictly processed in our mill. Please rest assured to buy quality steel products with high strength from our factory.ASTM A387 Spec suppliers

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